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Low Cost Mobile USB Flash Drives Serve as Effective Branding Promotional Product and Lowers Data Costs for OTG Consumers and Enterprises.


Book on Mobile Phone Flash Drive for Sales & Promo

Recent technology development coupled with the growing popularity of mobile devices, have returned American consumers and workers to the cottage industry of the pre-industrial age — but this time as digital nomads.  And as more people live these nomadic “on the go” (OTG) lives, mobile flash drives that connect to both computers and mobile devices are allowing us to do more, with greater ease and at lower cost regardless of where we are.

Prices for cell phone flash drives have now reached a low price comparable to traditional (swivel) thumb drives, making them great promo items as well as a way to lower costs of monthly data plans and create your own digital products for sale.

OTG mobile USB flash drives for Android devices such as smartphones, phablets and tablets, also connect to PCs and MACs, making them a great choice as a promotional and branding product that reach large and diverse audiences that are on the cutting edge of “cool.”  Here are some ways that our customers are using our mobile device USBs:

  • A global beverage company partnered with one of Madison Avenue’s most prestigious ad agencies to launch a new product release as part of a party event using our solid metal bottle opener shaped flash drives imprinted with logo branding from both companies
  • Florida based author, Rev. Franklin Shines, Sr. released his self-published book on Amazon’s CreateSpace in physical book format as well as on a thin credit card USB flash drive, with the book title imprinted on the USB drive
  • New York’s DJ and musician, REEM Cassanova, recently dropped his his latest album, “Do it 4 Da Gram”, on a wafer card flash drive (see photo below).  Our card USB drives can connect to both mobile devices and desktop computers.
  •  International public speakers, Tom Collins and Frank Furness, use their customized flash drives as both promo items and back of the room sales products. The USB drives are loaded with their training and speaking material such a videos, presentations, audio clips and event photos
  • Penn State University’s Economic Research Institute (ERIE) has placed multiple orders with us over the past few years.  Rather than using their normal swivel flash drives, Penn chose to use the larger imprint area provided but the credit card sized USB drives with printing on both sides.
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REEM Cassanova Drops New Music Album on Slim Card USB Flash Drive