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Custom USB Flash Drives Provide High Marketing ROI, Grow Sales

custom usb flash drives

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, promotional products such as custom USB flash drives provide a low cost, high return on your marketing dollar.  

Benefits of Custom USB Flash Drives:  Brand Awareness and Sales Growth 

Indeed, when when compared with traditional TV, newspaper, radio and magazine ads, they’ve outperformed, as the data shows: (link:  http://www.asicentral.com/asp/open/Research/impressionsstudy/2012.aspx)

⦁ 84% of those who use promotional products can identify the organization

⦁ 42% of recipients of promotional items have a more favorable impression of the company

⦁ 62% did business with the advertiser after receiving an item

⦁ The average promotional product is kept for 7 months!

High quality, affordable custom USB flash drives provide a unique and effective way to promote yourself, your product or your game-changing new idea.  These flash driuves can be imprinted with your name, logo, artwork, text such as email, phone, website address or marketing tagline.

People who use flash drives tend to share them with others, increasing your organization’s brand awareness.  Since mobile device custom flash drives are such a new and novel item, they attract even more attention.  Also, someone with a mobile device OTG USB drive is not sitting behind a desk; instead they are out and about, which gives  you your or your company even even more brand exposure.

One of the most exciting things about custom USB flash drives that plug into a computer desktop PC, a Mac or a mobile device, is that they are affordable for any budget.

Growing Demand for Customnized Mobile Device Flash Drives

The demand for mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android) custom flash drives is skyrocketing.  

This is reflected in the 400% increase (2010-2015) in the Google Trends Interest Index for terms such as iPhone flash drive and Android USB drive.

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This accelerating interest in custom USB flash drives for people on the go provides one of the greatest opportunities for small and mid sized businesses, entrepreneurs and associations and corporations to stand out from the crowd with a hot new, low cost tech device.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Request a quote, give us a call or order online:  info@custombulkusb.com; 813-444-9626.  Most Android custom flash drives are as low as $1.99 when purchased in bulk but as low as $2.99 – $3.29 for a single unit (128MB to 4GB).