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Custom Flash Drives

Our Custom Flash Drives Help You Stand Out from the Crowd and Grow Sales


Custom Flash Drive – 2D Shape

Custom flash drives (logo, 2D or 3D shaped) have been shown to be one of the most affordable and effective ways to market new products, services your organization or yourself.  Research finds that 70­-80% of people who receive a promotional item, purchase from the giving organization or person.

Below are real­-life examples of how many of our customers are promoting their brands and growing their sales using custom flash drives.

Major Corporate Brands and Educational Institutions

Some of our largest clients have included Starbucks, Philips Norelco, Hewlett Packard, Best Foods, Siemens, Saatchi & Saatchi, Penn State and the University of Florida. Starbucks used green case, silver clip swivels with their logo to recognize top performers during a corporate training and development event. The flash drives were loaded with key training and recognition material and encased in an elegant gift box.

Siemens used our rugged, industrial swivel USBs with the Siemens logo to provide field services with key info at remote locations. The flash drives were placed in conduit boxes and were loaded with securely protected, vital technical and engineering data.

Custom 2D and 3D shaped flash drives proved to be an innovative way to launch new product ideas for Norelco’s shaving products division and Best Foods.  In order to develop custom shaped flash drives made of PVC material, we first design artwork mockup and receive client approval for the look and feel.  Next, we engineer the design spec complete with front, side and orthogonal views and dimensions. Following approval of the design spec, we manufacture a prototype. Once the prototype has received client approval, we start mass production and pack and ship the custom shaped flash drives.

custom flash drive onion

Best Foods USB Drive

Entrepreneurs and Start­ups

Many of our entrepreneurs include hi tech Silicon Valley startups, public speakers, DJs, actors, artists, musicians, photographers, inventers and fashion models. Many of them choose the basic swivel, but many are shifting to mobile phone and/or business card flash drives that have a larger imprint area. This allows them to put large photos of themselves, their products or services or their album covers on the thin plastic card and hand them out as if they are business cards. Many entrepreneurs use the reverse side of these business card flash drives to showcase their contact info: email address, telephone number, website address and how to reach them via social media, like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, etc.

Small and Mid Sized Businesses (SMBs)

Our SMB clients range from local mom and pop shops to global non profit and for profit organizations providing social services and doing business around the world. DARE uses our custom swivel flash drives to promote their cause to reduce drug abuse. Engineering, manufacturing and architectural firms load their CAD drawings, product details and engineering specifications onto our USB.  Finally, we worked with a New York area entrepreneur to design his custom shaped “Rocking Horse” flash drives to promote his company and new product innovation.

custom shape flash drive

Custom Horse Shaped Flash Drive