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Cheap Flash Drives

Cheap Flash Drives – High Quality ($1.99 – $4.99, for most)

Cheap Flash Drives

Cheap Flash Drives

Plain or Custom USB Flash Drives for All Budgets

Most Popular & Affordable. Grade A, Tier 1.

Cheap Flash Drives, High Quality: Custom Flash Drives Increase Brand Awareness, Grow Sales and Lower Cost
World class people and organizations have always understood the power of brand image and promotional marketing to help grow their sales, They also know how important it is to keep costs low. Cheap flash drives, value USB thumb drives, low cost USB flash drives, budget USBs are all terms used to describe affordable promo items.

More Eyeballs
Thousands of our clients use our low cost, high quality promotional flash drives to expand their brand image and awareness and to grow their sales at a low cost. First, flash drives (both our traditional desktop and our new OTG mobile device USBs) that are customized with your logo, artwork, name, website, contact details or marketing tagline, help to increase your brand awareness. Users of flash drives are constantly exposing your brand to others, increasing the pool of people who know who you or your organization is and what you do.

More Sales
Second, flash drives can do more than market you or your organization, they can grow your sales. In both direct and indirect ways, promotional USB drives lift sales. Many of our clients receive a knock-on effect of higher sales when more people get exposed to their brand when they hand out logo imprinted flash drives at marketing events, trades-hows and conventions. Also, many clients use these promo flash drives to make digital products which they sell. We have thousands of photographers, public speakers and musicians that sell more of their photos, speeches and songs by loading the material on flash drives.

Less Cost
Third, flash drives minimize costs, which grow profits:
1. Printing and paper costs are slashed with digital marketing material loaded on a flash drive.
2. Distribution, travel and office space costs are lowered since flash drives are small, lightweight and can hold thousands or millions of pages of material in a compact two or three inches of space.
3. Production costs are lowered and usage expands when clients convert traditional physical products into digital ones. DVDs, CDs and other products cannot be played on tablets or other mobile devices such as smartphones; and the cost of producing such products is more expensive and time-consuming than just dragging and dropping the files onto a thumbdrive.

Cheap flash drives need not be of inferior quality. We only market and distribute top quality Grade A, Tier 1 flash memory (USA based Micron, Toshiba, Samsung, Hynix) drives that protect your brand image with quality and reliability. Our USB drives expand your brand image, grow your sales and can help to lower your overall marketing, administrative and production costs.

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